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Prowl, the women’s ultimate style

From morning to evening, shoes are always your companion. Let’s talk about the Women’s style guide. With Prowl, we are providing you with something Beyond SHOES. We believe that the footwear you put on needs to represent who you are, what you love to do with your passion. We have designed technical footwear for active people like you. We know love a variety of sports and want to be trendy at the same time. The clothes you wear, the shoes you put on, the lovely music you listen to and the inspiring sports you play all define who you are! You could even have a more complete look with something beyond shoes. Let’s check it out.

Multisport shoes for women – Broad Categories

Before choosing your sports shoes, you need which category represents you the most. Presenting our two categories of products for women are as follows: Spirit: The ultimate trinity; Train, Box, Ride. Flow: The ultimate choice for your versatile, trendy nature and multisport passion. We know as a consumer, what you love to do.

Firstly we identify you need Road training Shoes. It would help if you had this for your gyms and walk on roads and pavements. These need to be sturdy, breathable with excellent traction for walking, jogging, and running. You need a lightweight product with superior grip and treaded soles.

The next types are about Trail training shoes. If you are a woman who loves nature, spends more time hiking terrain, treks then you need this type of shoes as these are massive works, so your shoes need to be heavier, water-proof, and rugged with well-defined outsoles. They need to be tolerant of any environmental weather conditions and natural hazards. They need to be well-designed to keep you grounded even on uneven ground, to ensure your form to keep balanced for the best workout.

Last but not least is Cross-training shoes. If you love heavy exercise like walking, cardio, tennis, yoga, etc., you need a flexible, breathable and well-cushioned pair of shoes.

We have compiled all of your needs into two of our products. We have designed each of them in a technical way so that you don’t need each of these types of shoe separately to do your passion. In each item, we build every necessity you feel when doing training, riding, and boxing. We designed the Spirit in such a way where you will get a high-top balanced footbed with the best flexibility. The honeycomb latex insole creates optimum air circulation. The design is sleek and light to wear. So these all features make it perfect for your athletics, training, hiking, boxing and multipurpose activities.

Flow is designed based on high-quality memory foam in order to give you the highest comfort. Flyknit technology will offer you the breathable elastic textiles. The super lightweight with ultra flexibility improves your range in motion. Now let’s have some tips to make you a stylish one. Footwear can be beautifully paired with all your different styles. You can easily create a chic street style by pairing dark coloured sports shoes with jeans and tank tops. You can also paired up your shoes with printed t-shirts and denim shorts. For a casual office environment, you can easily pair up matching sports shoes with dress down shirts and pants.

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